Air Conditioning Service and Repair

Air Conditioning service and repair is just one of the many things that we do that help our clients on the Costa del Sol create the perfect climate in their own homes. Whether that is protection from the sweltering summer temperatures of July and August, or a welcome boost of heat during the cold winter months, your air conditioning system is an important part of your household furniture.

If not kept in good working order your air conditioning system can be expensive to run, so regular servicing is extremely important and can save you money over the course of a year.

If you don’t have your air conditioning serviced regularly, you may find that what used to a be a niggling little rattle, or the fact that it no longer gets your room down to the cool temperatures that you used to enjoy, can become a bigger problem that eventually results in your air conditioning needing repair.

However, whichever situation you find yourself in, EnviroCare is here to help you.

We service air conditioning systems from Malaga to Marbella and beyond, in fact all along the southern Costas of Spain as well as Gibraltar and Portugal.

So what does an EnviroCare Air Conditioning Service include?

For starters, we check that the units are working as efficiently as possible. This means we check the electrical soundness of the machines as well as the levels of energy consumption.

We also run diagnostic checks that measure the lowest temperature that the air conditioning system can achieve, and part of this is measuring the amount of gas that is in the system.

If we find anything untoward, we won’t do anything until we have spoken to you about it, and agreed costs with you so there are no hidden charges, which is a rare thing in our part of the world!

It’s not all technical stuff though, for example we’ll clean your filters too. Southern Spain is mostly dry, and therefore dusty, so the filters can become easily clogged and dirty and this in turn makes it harder for the system to do the job it’s intended for – keep the temperature in your home at the required level.

If you have pets, especially dogs that shed hair, you could find that the filters become clogged more quickly so it is important that your air conditioning system is checked at least once a year.

EnviroCare service and repair all types of air conditioning systems, not just wall mounted split systems that you see in most homes and shops. We also service and repair ducted air conditioning systems which work by having a central temperature controlling unit which pipes cooled, or heated, air into rooms via ducting that is normally hidden in the ceiling; hence ‘ducted’ air conditioning.

Our experienced and qualified engineers have all the knowledge and experience required, as well as the qualifications required by law in Spain, to service all types of air conditioning systems so if you think your air conditioning needs a service, or if you think it’s not working correctly and might need repair, get in touch with us now and we’ll arrange for one of our qualified engineers to come round and take a look.

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