How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit Filters

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"I would like to clean the air conditioning filters myself, do you recommend this? I have a Fujitsu Split Wall mounted unit, which is approximately 7 years old." Sally Gumble, Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain

Dear Sally
We are happy to show clients how to clean the filters of an air conditioning unit when they have wall mounted split systems.

Cleaning the filters is a very important maintenance job, and having clean filters helps to ensure the efficiency of the air conditioning system.

Clogged and dirty filters block the normal airflow and reduce the systems efficiency. The filters main job is to stop dirt, dust and fluff, especially from fur bearing pets in the house, being carried directly into the evaporation coil. The filter is just that, a filter, and is there to filter out dirt. So in reality, your filters should hold some dirt, as there is always dust,smoke, etc in the air, and this dirt is usually blocked from entering and damaging the machine by the filters. The dirt should not pass through the filters.

If you consider that you can lower your air conditioning energy consumption by 5% to 15% by carrying out this task, it is certainly worth finding out how to clean your own filters.

Filters that have not been cleaned regularly in an environment exposed to dirt and dust will soon become clogged. The air will then bypass the filter and may be carried directly into the evaporator coil, and impair the coils absorbing capacity which in turn exposes the air conditioning unit to the possibly of a breakdown.

Here are the steps to follow to to clean your air conditioning filters -

1 You will need high steps to access the front of the air conditioning system where you will find that you can lift up the front panel.
2 Very carefully with this movement of lifting up the panel, and holding the front panel until it is fully open. Allow the panel to raise upwards until you can feel it is holding itself open unsupported.
3 With the front of your air conditioning unit fully open, you will see the filters are clipped onto the unit. These are very delicate, and should be removed extremely carefully.
4 Once removed, you can either gently brush them with a soft brush on both sides, until they are fully clean, or if they are fully clogged you will have to hold the filters under a slow running tap until the dirt has been washed off.
5 The filters must be left to fully dry before reinserting them back into the air conditioning machine.
6 Remembering to be careful, slide the filters back into the air conditioning unit.
7 Ensure they clip back in and are fully connect.
8 Carefully push the lid of the air conditioning unit back down, and click back into place.
9 You now have an air-conditioning unit with clean filters.

Cleaning the filters of your air conditioning system is a very important part of your household maintenance plan, but to ensure your system is operating to its most optimum and economical level, you must take further regular action. A full service by a trained air conditioning engineer is required at least once yearly.

The engineer will not only clean your filters with anti fungi and an antibacterial product, but will also carry out the following important checks.

1 Establish that the system is working at high performance, by digitally checking the air flow temperatures at the source. Which with a split wall mounted system is through the vents on the front of the unit.
2 Checking the functions of the remote control, and changing the batteries if necessary.
3 The refrigerant gas pressure of the air conditioning unit will be checked. If the gas pressure is not at the levels expected, this will cause the temperatures not to reach the required levels.
4 All air conditioning units produce water, and this water must exit somehow. Depending on the installation, depends where the water pipe drains to. The water system is checked by the engineer, and any blockages are investigated.
5 The electrical soundness of the incoming power is reviewed.
6 Finally once these check have been carried out the engineer will ensure that the remote handset is communicating with air air conditioning unit, to give smooth change over of functions, fan speeds, and temperature requirements.

We hope this answers your question Sally, thank you for contacting us, and please do contact us so that we can arrange a service for you.

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