Have your villa or apartment painted for an unbelievable price!

We are not painters, we are High Quality Painting Tradesmen.

We have been working all along the Costa Del Sol, working with quality paints to leave our clients with a first class painting job. We have a real eye for detail, and we like to make sure we have done full preparation to the walls and woodwork and make sure that the imperfections of the working surface have been dealt with before the first brush of paint goes on the walls!

We pride ourselves in the work we carry out in private properties, where every little imperfection is noted! We look for perfection. The advantage we have over most other painting companies in southern Spain is that we also offer other multi service home improvements. This means that we can deliver the highest level of quality to our clients. Whether we have to deal with some plaster work, filling in some imperfections, or rubbing down surfaces, we have the skills to do this.

Painting is not just about dipping a brush in a tin of paint and attacking a wall! The major part of the work when we receive a painting contract from one of our clients is to prepare the job for the paint work. We also speak in detail to our clients about the colour schemes and the paint finish required.

Our work as painters involves:

  • Preparing the walls
  • Removing any imperfections on the walls before we start
  • Filling any cracks and holes before the paint goes on the walls
  • Undercoating the area
  • Water sealing if necessary



Once we have done this, the painting can begin.

Obviously this takes time, but the biggest part of any painting work is to first prepare the surfaces that are going to be worked on.

Not only is our paintwork to the highest standard, but so is our attention to customer satisfaction. It is always good to have an empty house to work in (no furniture, no curtains, no people!) but that is not a reality so we sheet up or move furniture in order to keep it clean and paint free. We take down the soft furnishings and store them away in a place until it is time for them to be replaced again; all part of the job.

We undertake interior and exterior paint work, using only the quality paints that we know we can guarantee to give a good professional finish.

We have rolling maintenance programmes for some of our holiday home owners refreshing the property, which is especially important when the property is on the rental market. Out of season freshening up is a large part of the work that we undertake; painting apartments in between rental seasons, freshening up the lounge, the dining room, the bedrooms or the kitchen. It is surprising how a coat of paint can give the property a whole new look, and a light bright and airy feel.

If you need advice or help on colour schemes we are here to help you.

EnviroCare - the professionals for your professional painting job.