AC Electric Usage Meter

We can now help you to control the usage of electricity at your property.

If you are a home owner or a landlord, you may be concerned by how much tenants or guests are over using air conditioning systems, costing you money in unnecessarily high electricity bills.

The good news is that we now have an amazing new product that is not only slim line and modern in appearance, but fits very neatly next to your air conditioning units or your trip board.

Here are some benefits if this revolutionary product:

  • Reduce energy usage
  • No more high bills
  • Save money
  • LCD screen displays usage
  • Intelligent warning system
  • Eco-Friendly

The AC Energy Consumption Controller is extremely versatile and can be installed to individually meet virtually every clients’ needs – this electric usage meter not only monitors and regulates Air Conditioning systems, but with the correct configuration it can also monitor other high usage appliances and even the whole property.


The cost of Air Conditioning misuse!

Air Conditioning should not cost more than 20,00€ per week. However, property owners and landlords can be faced with bills of up to 200,00€ if it's not used correctly! This could be because the unit runs at very low temperatures for long periods of time or simply that tenants or guests just forget to switch it off, both of which result in high electricity bills, repairs, unnecessary maintenance and extra expenses.


90% of Guests & Tenants spend less with the AC Energy Consumption Controller!

Studies have shown that making tenants more aware of their electricity consumption can be enough to drastically lower their electric usage. Nowadays it is fair to assume that most people are more environmentally friendly than in 2014, but by using the Credit Allowance Cards supplied with each electric usage meter, property owners and landlords can charge their tenants or guests for the electricity that they use before they enter the property.

Please watch the video. This is a step by step explanation of how these meters work.

Once you have digested the concept, we will be happy to discuss a price for the installation of an electric usage meter at your property.



Q. Error '04' indicates a card error. What should I do?

A. It occurs for 2 reasons:

    1. There is still a card logged on to the system, even if the credit on this card has expired it still needs to be logged off; the system can only take one card at one time.
      Solution: re-insert the last card used, log it off and then insert the new card.


  1. The card being inserted is either faulty or the credit on it has already expired.
    Solution: the best option for the Keyholder is to reset the meter. The procedure is as follows:

    • First insert the ZERO card. The display will read SUCC to show the card has been accepted (the Zero card resets the meter to factory settings).
    • Insert the SET card to set the meter to the settings we want (the display will read SUCC again to show the card has been accepted).

    At this point if the display is reading F 0.20 or F0.25 then the system is ready for a new card.

Please ensure that when the guests have used all the credit on the new card, that card must be re-inserted and logged off before a new card can be inserted.