About Us

EnviroCare was born in 1997 very much as a family business. At the time the booming economy meant that more and more properties and villas were being built or renovated, and you would often see an Envirocare installation team racing along the coast road to their next appointment.

As a result of the high standard of installation and service EnviroCare provided, and a growing reputation for quality, it wasn’t long before EnviroCare transformed from a small family business to the coast’s Number One professional climate control business that you see today.

Over the years many employees have brought different language skills to the business, and our latest superstar, Nico, is completely bilingual and fluent in both English and Spanish, so you know he will be able to provide the very best of service and attention to you during and after your installation or service.

After a few years EnviroCare’s reputation for quality and professional service drove our ever-growing customer base to ask if we could help out in other areas such as plumbing, electrics, painting,in other words, Multi-Services, and from this demand grew our sister company; Masterbuild.

Masterbuild is dedicated to providing the same level of professional service and quality of installation in the Multi-Service industry as Envirocare has done for more than twenty years in climate control.

To see how our professional approach can benefit your climate or property needs, get in touch today.