Pool Cover Rollers

Most pool owners are unaware of the benefits of using a pool cover, and even those that are probably don’t get the full benefit of a cover because it comes off once a year, and goes back on once a year. The reason for this is probably because they don’t have a pool cover roller and it’s not always easy to put your pool cover into storage and take it back out again, especially if your pool is quite big, meaning the cover is big also.

PoolCover 1

So do I need a Pool Cover Roller?

Yes of course you do! If you use a pool cover roller, the process of removing and replacing the cover is so much easier that it helps you to get the maximum benefit from your pool cover with the minimum of effort and inconvenience.

Let’s explain this:

So it’s the end of April, the water temperature is getting higher and you’re thinking “Better get the pool ready.” So you take the cover off, carefully fold it away and put it in storage, where it will stay until the end of the swimming season when it will be put back on again. In the meantime, there’s bad weather, rain, high winds etc and all manner of dirt is being blown into your pool. On top of that, if you’ve got a heated pool, the night time temperatures mean that your pool heat pump is having to work harder to get the water temperature back up again the next day, which in turn uses more electricity and drives your electricity bill up higher and higher.

Now imagine that the pool cover is easily stored by being rolled onto a telescopic pool cover roller, which itself is on wheels so can easily be moved out of the way.

poolcoverroller 02

Rain coming? No problem!

Just roll the cover back off the pool cover roller and your clean water is protected from the potential damage that the weather can cause.

Cold nights? No problem!

Replacing the cover easily from your pool cover roller helps the warmth within the water to be retained through the night so your heat pump works less to get the temperature back up the next day, not adding so much to your already shocking electricity bill.

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pool roller with solar blanket