Pool Covers

Installing a pool cover makes a lot of financial sense. Not only does it keep the pool cleaner and keeps away the leaves and dirt from the pool’s surface, but it also reduces evaporation of water by as much as 80% in the summer.

This in turn saves you money on your pool cleaning, pool chemicals and pool heating costs!

Pool covers also prevent heat produced by the sun or by a pool heater from escaping. The main aim is to reduce the amount of heat that is lost from the pool, keeping it at the desired temperature but also reducing the time it takes to re heat a pool. The end result is giving your heating system a prolonged life because it is working less and also saving energy.

Each pool cover is cut and fitted individually to the pool.

This diagram shows the benefits of using a Pool Cover:

pool covers
bubble pool cover
pool roller with solar blanket

We strongly recommend the use of a telescopic pool cover roller.
The EnviroCare rollers are lightweight and easy to move around if necessary.

new pool cover