Do you have an existing ducted system which climatises the whole property to one temperature?

Do you want to use your system in a different way?

Would it be more comfortable to be able to temperature control each room?

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AirZone is your answer

We can fit an AirZone system to a pre-existing system to allow you the freedom to set the temperature you would like in the room you are in.

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These systems can also be fitted to a new installation. When our clients are wanting a new system, but also want to control their own environment, it is the AirZone system that we recommend.

These systems really add to your home comfort and are so easy to use.

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Residential Building

Zoning with remote control using Airzone Cloud Web server

• Integration with the HVAC system, thanks to Airzone’s Controller Gateway, which optimises energy consumption and promotes the installation’s overall comfort.

• Improvement in the energy rating, thanks to the way Airzone’s zoned control reduces the installation’s power consumption.

• Savings in investment costs by reducing the number of AC units in the installation (compared to multisplit units). Improvement in aesthetics due to
an interface that is both functional and attractive.

• Centralised management of the operating mode and remote control of the installation through Airzone Cloud Webserver.

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Single Zone Controllers


Local control of individual AC units available for Airzone motorised elements, direct expansion units, 0-10V fancoil, 3 speed fancoil and boilers.

• Temperature control, operation mode and ventilation speed.

• Ambient temperature and zone’s relative humidity readings.

• Probe input (see model spec).

• Input for open window detection and occupant’ presence.

• Sleep mode for timed zone shutdown.

• Weekly scheduling (Blueface only).

• Thermostat with 6 available languages (English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese).

The control is done through the Airzone Blueface Thermostat or the Airzone Think Wireless. Implementing the latter, the user could benefit from a wireless communication.

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