Pool Pumps and Filters

Envirocare specialise in replacing swimming pool pumps and filters.

If you are experiencing problems with the quality of the water in your pool then it might be connected to your pool filtration system, and we can help you.

Having a pool means that your pool pump and filter need to operate at their optimum levels at all times, especially if your pool is located in southern Spain or Portugal where we have such high temperatures; if the filtration system stops working then your pool will turn green very quickly.

Pool sand filter

This is how it works – the pool pump forces water through the sand filter at high pressure. As the water is forced through the sand, particles of dirt are caught between the edges of the sand grains and can’t get through, so the water comes out the other end cleaner, and into your pool via the jets. The longer the water runs through the filter, the more dirt is collected.

swimming pool pump

As the filter continues to collect dirt, it becomes harder and harder for the water to pass through, so the pressure inside the system builds until it causes the pump to work too hard. At this point, your filter should be ‘backwashed’ to remove the dirt that has been caught at the top of the sand filter, and then the process begins again. Backwashing your sand filter causes some of the sand to be flushed out of the sand filter, so the swimming pool pump and filter system needs to be checked and serviced on a regular basis, so the sand levels can be maintained in order for them to work as efficiently as possible.

If your filtration system is continuing to cause you problems then the likelihood is that is will need to be replaced, and replacing the pump and filter system is something that we can do for you at a very competitive price.