Water Heaters

An electric or gas water heater is a necessity when you are looking at heating water in your home!

The models of water heater that are installed by EnviroCare SL are more energy efficient than ever before, making them an economical choice in comparison to some other types of water heaters.

Water heaters are made up of a tank with a burner at the bottom. As the water is heated it rises to the top of the tank and the cold water is circulated down to the burner. A pipe runs from the water heater into the home allowing hot water to reach taps in the bathroom and kitchen.

Water heaters warm up cold water and distribute it throughout the home. This provides hot water for showers, the laundry, dish washing and other household activities.

Hot water - quickly!

instant hot water

The instantaneous single point hot water heater can be fuelled by gas or electricity and heat the water only when it is required. These are usually fitted with a swivel spout and located directly above a sink or wash basin.

The gas fired heater heats up the water twice as fast as the electric heater and costs less to run.

With the electric instantaneous hot water heater the temperature of the hot water is directly related to the kilowatt (kW) rating of that appliance and the water flow rate.

If the water flow too quickly through the electric heater, the heater will not have enough time to fully heat the water. A slower flow rate with this type of heater means hotter water.

The same principle applies to instantaneous electric shower heaters.

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