Clean Air Conditioning Vents

Make sure the air in your home is clean.  One of the best ways to do this is to clean your air conditioning vents.  If you were to look at the contents of the air conditioning vents under a microscope you would see millions and millions of particles of dust.  You would also see hair, dirt, pollen, and much more.

Cleaning your air conditioning vents will also help to reduce the cost of heating and cooling when you are using your air conditioning system, by making the unit more efficient in electrical consumption.

You will need some materials and tools to clean the Air Conditioning Vents:

*  Screw Driver

*. Powerful vacuum cleaner

*. 1 x large brush, 1 x small brush

*. Vent Cleaning Products

* Face Mask

* Gloves

How Do you Clean your Air Conditioning Vents:

Here are a few tips to follow – when cleaning your air conditioning vents.

1. Turn off all power to the Air Conditioning System.

2. Using the screw driver, unscrew the vents or grills from the walls.  Use the brush to clean the vents. You will need to use soap and water to clean the vents thoroughly.   And must make sure the vents are completely dry before you replacing them.

3. Using the vacuum – clean inside the duct as much as possible.  The standard household vacuum is not powerful enough.  So consider renting a heavy duty cleaner.   If this is not possible, you may wish to contract a ducting specialist to carry out this work for you.  (Book an appointment).

4.  If the vents and ducts are dirty:  You will have to protect yourself with a mask and gloves.  There will be dust and possibly debris falling down onto you as you clean the vents and ducts.

5.  Carefully replace the vents using the screw driver.  You must make sure you place the vent in place gently as not to displace or crack the wall plaster, or discolour the paintwork.

These top tips have been brought to you by EnviroCare SL.  Specialist in Air Conditioning for over 25 years