Finding the Best Air Conditioning Company: Tips and Advice on Making the Right Choice!

Are you having trouble wondering who to choose to give you a quotation for your Air Conditioning installation?

Did you casually ask the question on social media, and were you bombarded with many Air Conditioning companies?


Let’s look at how to single out the professionals. 


1. An Air Conditioning installer must be F-Reg qualified. You can ask for the registration number? Perhaps you can take a look at their certification.


2.  Ask if they are registered with the Junta de Andalucía.


3. You could make an appointment to visit a previous installation, and chat to the property owner.


4. Check that they have registered business premises, where they are licensed to store, to sell and to transport refrigerant products.


5. How knowledgeable are the office staff? Are they kind and considerate with the information they provide. Ask for a quotation in writing, followed up by a purchase order contract.


6. Remember that the Air Conditioning system does benefit from yearly servicing. You will need to be confident with the whole team from the office; staff, installers, assistant installers, and the servicing department, as you will have a long-term relationship with the Air Conditioning company you choose.


7. Does the installation carry a guarantee! Be careful with this one, obviously any electrical product is covered by a statutory guarantee. But once installed: the level of availability of guarantee will alter. This depends on the legality of the installer & the level of accurate installation.




Often a professional quality Air Conditioning installation is one of the larger investments you will make in your home. You must choose wisely.

A unit installed well will far outlive the guarantee period!

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Price: It’s not a competition to be the cheapest price. It’s the confidence to sell quality products at competitive prices.

Cost of consumption: Quality Air Conditioning units are more economical to run, than low quality units.

Availability of replacement parts: A quality brand will have a quick turn around when ordering a part for an Air Conditioning unit.

Locality of main agents guarantee engineers: Does the brand of Air Conditioning you choose have dedicated service engineers to deal with guarantee replacements, efficiently and effectively.

Language: Can the company communicate with their supplies to discuss technical issues.


These are just a few points for you to use when looking for a professional installer for your Air Conditioning installation. 


Reviews: Reviews are a gauge. But not the only reference to a professional installation. Not all clients leave a review. But most are kind enough to call and personally thank the installer and company for an installation well done. These are the reviews that cannot be publicised: and also, the reviews that are greatly received and held most closely to the heart.


I hope this helps you to establish who to choose to visit your property to carry out a full survey and provide a quotation.

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