How much does it cost to run air conditioning in Spain?

A question we get asked quite a lot, and the answer, surprisingly, is "not as much as you would think!"

On average, a small or medium sized air conditioning unit will need an average of 130 Watts of electricty, compared to a modern flat-screen TV which requires about 220 Watts, though nobody ever suggests turning the TV off to save money!

What’s more, the longer you have your air conditioning unit running, the more efficient it becomes so while it might draw a lot when you first turn it on (when the room is hot), once it’s been running and has got your room temperature down to your desired level of comfort, it could be using as little as 20 or 30 Watts to maintain that temperature.

There is something else you can do to keep the cost of running your air conditioning unit down, and that is the obvious practice of keeping windows and doors closed while the air conditioning is working (though not obvious to a lot of people).

We all know how hot it can be in the summer months on the Costa del Sol, so stop trying to cool down half of Andalucia and keep your windows closed. You’ll be surprised how much money that can save you.

The most obvious answer though is to speak to a trusted professional, someone who has over twenty years’ experience of installing air conditioning and climate control systems on the Costa del Sol alone, someone like us.

Installing the correct units for the size of space you want cooling (or heating) is vitally important in controlling your costs; too small a unit and it will run at maximum, struggling to keep the space at the desired temperature, too big and you’ll be paying for electricity that you don’t really need.

So get in touch with EnviroCare, the No.1 company for air conditioning on the Costa del Sol since 1996.