Watch out for these 5 signs that show that you need your Air Conditioning servicing

You have an Air Conditioning system, so the chances are you are going to be using it regularly:; you need your Air Conditioning to work under the pressure of not only the hot summer season, but also the cold winters and the wet rainy seasons that we experience in Southern Spain. So make sure you look after your machines by keeping an eye open for warning signs that your system needs a professional assessment.

The good news is that the Air Conditioning system is a machine, and machines usually give out warning signs and noises before they get to the point of breakdown. You should never try to repair an Air Conditioning unit if you are not a fully qualified engineer, but you should keep an eye out for the following signs, and if you experience any of them, then give Envirocare a call straight away.

1.Low Airflow

The air is not coming out of your system as fast as you expect it to.  This reduced air flow means your Air Conditioner is having to work harder to climatise your home. and this piece of machinery is not designed to work under stress.  Firstly check your filters, as they get clogged with dirt.  If you need an expert to clean them, then call us straight away.  If the air flow is still low after the filters have been cleaned and replaced, then you absolutely need an expert Air Conditioning engineer to take a look at your system, so call us immediately.

2. Reduced Cooling and Heating Results

This can be caused by low refrigerant levels, overheating or damaged parts, or ineffective ducting, if you have a central Air Conditioning system.  You can check this by feeling the air coming out of the vents.  If it is not the temperature you are used to, then you have a problem. This causes the same problem as you have just read in point number one.  Your Air Conditioner is having to work too hard and this is not good, so call us straight away.

3. Short Cycling

Just as the title states, this is where the Air Conditioning unit switches off and on without running for long.  Turning on and off uses more power than when its running normally.  This is a sign of something very wrong, and you should call us before using your Air Conditioning system again.

4. Strange Sounds

You will be familiar with your Air Conditioning units, and will know if they start to make strange noises when they are in use.  Humming, buzzing, clanging, rattling, or any other sound that you suddenly start to hear.  Get these checked out immediately.  A full service by a qualified Envirocare engineer should locate the reason why you are hearing these sounds.

5. High Energy Bills

You may not be able to pin point any of the above issues, but you are seeing an increase in your monthly electric bills.  Your Air Conditioning units may be drawing more power, and increasing electrical consumption. If this is happening, one of the first checks would be to ask a fully qualified Envirocare engineer to look at your Air Conditioning unit, service it, and make an assessment of how effectively it is working for you.

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